Anna International Beauty Center has introduced the skincare products of the French brand Purlés. Purlés is a professional cosmetics brand dedicated to providing effective skincare therapies by combining innovative biotechnological techniques with nurturing traditions from nature worldwide. The brand’s products are developed by a world-class team of scientists, leveraging the latest scientific discoveries to rapidly and significantly meet the beauty needs of customers.

Purlés professional cosmetics are manufactured in French laboratories, adhering to the highest production standards, with 80% of the products made in France and 20% in Spain. The brand emphasizes scientific knowledge, quality control, and dermatological testing to ensure high-quality products with noticeable effects. The product line includes chemical peels, peptides, retinols, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), and hyaluronic acid, adapting to the latest scientific advancements.

Purlés aims to enhance beauty and stimulate the senses through innovative and scientific products, emphasizing a design philosophy inspired by nature. The brand prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety. The introduction of Purlés enriches Anna International Beauty Center’s product portfolio, offering customers more choices and a premium skincare experience.

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